The Client Experience

A Faster Solution

Upon mandate MWS can move promptly to a longlist discussion and shortlist without compromising the integrity and diligence of the search. As we already generally 'know' the local talent, their suitability and their career ambitions, we do not require lengthy timeframes to research the market, advertise and make contact with talent.

A Proactive Review of all Talent

Because MWS ultimately embraces Search methodology rather than Selection from advertising, a client will always receive a shortlist of the 'best candidates' in the market rather than the 'most available'. A client can be assured that all talent in the industry has been considered.

Client Partnership

We do not partake in a 'one night stand' style of executive search. Those clients that we work in partnership with receive an ongoing flow of information on talent and market trends. We endeavour to keep open dialogue, not just when we are under a specific mandate, but at all times.