'Integrity' is the key value for MWS. Our philosophy is that 'integrity' in the practice of Executive Search is demonstrated through serving in the 'best interests' of all stakeholders. We believe excellence is achieved when the 'best interests' of clients and candidates are simultaneously considered and prioritised.

Serving in Best Interests of Clients

We endeavour to partner with our clients and assist in their realisation of success.We aim to understand how our clients are measured and what tools and talent they may need to achieve their mandate. We then work with them on an ongoing basis to provide practical and creative solutions that we hope will assist in the achievement of their goals.

We do not consider, under any circumstances, candidates from our retained clients that we are in partnership with and treat sensitive information as strictly confidential.

Serving in the Best Interests of Candidates

We seek to listen and understand candidates long term career goals and what their 'ideal' next step may be. We work with candidates to help them realise the 'ideal' and do not bring options that fail to meet expectations. We believe one of the cornerstones to 'appointments of tenure' is to place candidates in roles they really seek. We work with candidates in a professional manner adhering to the Privacy Act 1993.